In front of a mirror no one is safe

Every time I pick up a magazine I feel mixed emotions about the kind of articles that get published. I am torn between laughing and wanting to burn the magazines that open with 'Be happy in your own body', and close with 'How to lose 3 kilos in a week'. Without forgetting a 'Triple chocolate cake recipe', and a plethora of size 0 models.

Because logic.

There is no filter for real excitement

I always wonder how life would be if I were daintier, nicer, more graceful. The kind of girl whose eyes sparkle, who cries pretty, and who looks pleasantly surprised when she inadvertently accesses the front camera. Wouldn't we all?! The bronzed body and beachy waves kind of girl. The #Iwokeuplikethis creature that, when happy, looks like she's hugged by angelical choirs.

When you commit to a matte lipstick

I am the kind of girl that could never spend thousands of dollars on a designer bag. Not for the amount of money itself, which I find ridiculously high anyway, but because I believe I won't be able to fully commit to it. Let's be honest, I can barely commit to a week worth of nail polish colour

Adulting Myth Busters -Episode 5

I find adult small talk very hard to grasp, half of the time I barely know what people are talking about or how to reply without sounding like a total mess. Because of this, I feel like it would be extremely useful to keep a few topics in mind in case of imminent interaction with real adults.

Why do we write blogs?

If only we could do humanity as much good with our blogs as our predecessors did with books. If Proust wasn't busy eating Madelines born in the XIX Century he would have totally written something like this. But in all seriousness, he used that sentence to talk about his writing, so it's not that far off. 

You are doing a great job at living!

I had a dream, that the importance of my daily actions will not be judged by the impact they have on the World but by the effort I put in them. If you've been here long enough or, to be honest, just since last week, you will know that I tend to compare everything to 'when I was in school'. I know, I do that a lot and, guess what? I am about to do it again. Brace yourself.